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Dog behaviourist Wirral



John Harrison – Dog Behaviourist Wirral

behaviourist Wirral

Please read the ‘Need a dog behaviourist?’ page first.

It is important that Behaviourist Consultations are carried out in your own home with your dog/s.

Everyone who interacts with the dog/s on a daily basis should, if possible, be present. As all humans should have a higher ‘pack’ position than the dog. This position is not gained by dominance or aggression it is gained by using calm assertive energy.  You should be seen as the ‘natural’ leader in your dogs eyes. For this positioning to occur every member of the family must be able to understand the canine communication methods being taught.

Dog behaviourist Wirral

There are differing schools of thought when it comes to behavioural modification. Some people attempt to use only positive re-enforcement techniques and whilst these do have their place and are essential in most cases, there are times and situations where they can fall short. I believe that nature provides the greatest set of rules and that you should work with nature wherever you possibly can. Dogs use a combination of energy, body language, sound and touch to communicate and I employ all of these in my rehabilitation work.

The most important aspect of behavioural modification is to determine the underlying motivation for the unstable/unwanted/inappropriate behaviour. Once this has been determined a suitable plan may be drawn to manage the need of the dog to express the behaviour and to introduce a behaviour modification programme to alter the dogs perceptions and hence the behaviour

Dog behaviourist Wirral
behaviourist Wirral

In some cases we require that you consult a VET prior to the consultation. This is to rule out any medical causes for the behaviour and to pronounce your dog to be fit and healthy. We require written proof this has been done.

Dog behaviourist Wirral

Behaviourist Consultation Costs

£60 per hour

(£60 for the first hour then £1 per minute thereafter, so you only pay for the time taken)

Call John on 0777 888 1157 to book

For behaviourist consultations travel is free within a 5 mile radius of CH60 postcode (Heswall, Wirral, North West UK)

Over 5 miles charges are £1.00 per mile each way.

Subsistence costs are on a case by case basis.