Need a Dog Behaviourist?

Dog problems – Has your relationship with your dog gone from being a match made in heaven to a daily nightmare?

Do you avoid people and places and other dogs because of your dogs behaviour?

Do YOU avoid YOUR DOG because of its behaviour?

If you find yourself saying YES to any or all of these questions (Please don’t think you are alone, many more  people do than would care to admit it) then what is likely to have occurred is a breakdown of communication between you and your dog.

Put another way, somewhere along the line you will be failing to fulfill your dogs needs as a dog. This is not deliberate on your part simply a lack of understanding of what your dog requires to be fulfilled.

If you have decided that you are in need of a dog psychologist / dog behaviourist / dog whisperer, firstly I would like to congratulate you on your honesty and your self awareness!

Dogs do not think like humans, to make a positive difference in your relationship with your dog you have to learn how they communicate.

It may seem daunting right now but with a little bit of understanding and practice I guarantee you will have the tools with which to make a difference.

Imagine getting back that picture you had in your mind when you first got your dog of how you would be soul mates enjoying the best of times together?

Dog Psychologist, Dog Behaviourist, Dog Whisperer, call me what you like but the goal is the same –



There are a number of things YOU need to possess – you MUST firstly answer YES to the following 3 Questions.

1. Do you have an open mind?

2. Do you possess a willingness to learn?

3. Do you respect your dog?

Secondly – And this is the key to success – I want you to understand that generally there is no quick fix for a lot of behavioural problems. You will see improvement during my visit but lasting change requires YOU to alter YOUR behaviour with your dog on a CONSISTENT and PERMANENT basis.

If you can HONESTLY say you fit the above criteria and you are READY FOR CHANGE then follow the link below