Home Dog Boarding Wirral


Would you leave any member of your family caged for up to 23.5 hours a day in a concrete cell with minimal exercise and human contact whilst you went away on holiday for a week or more?

No, neither would we!

That is why Heswall’s Top Dog House – Premium Home Dog Boarding Wirral was created, so you can go away on holiday, short break or a business trip knowing that your dog is in a safe, nurturing environment getting the exercise, contact and love that you yourself would wish to give. Your dog will live with us in our home as a member of our family whilst you are gone. Please take a look at the gallery page for pictures and our facebook page for pictures and videos of our many happy charges enjoying premium pampering, leadership and hospitality!

Premium Home Dog Boarding Wirral Prices:

£25.00 per dog per day*

**Maximum 4 dogs boarded at any one time. Individual, exclusive care guaranteed!**


Dog boarding Wirral

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Dog boarding Wirral

This is the uniqueness our Premium Service gives you:

1. Your dog living as a member of our family in a secure home, not isolated in a caged cell.
2. The benefit of your dog being cared for by an experienced handler.
3. Two good walks a day for a total of 90 minutes or more in local beauty spots, come hail, rain or shine! Not 15-20 mins round an enclosed paddock.
4. Videos and pictures of walks posted to our Facebook page so you can see who with and where your best friend has been enjoying themselves.
5. Dogs will be regularly brushed and fussed.
6. WhatsApp,  Facebook updates at your request.
7. Fully insured care ( does not cover veterinary fees – you must have your own cover for these).

Older dog walks reduced as necessary for individual cases.

Dog boarding Wirral


A 25% non-refundable deposit is required to confirm a home boarding booking of over 2 days duration. For stays of up to 2 days full payment is required at the time of booking, this is to secure the dates you require and prevent unused spaces being denied to genuine customers.

Dog boarding Wirral
What we require from you:

Proof your dog’s vaccinations are fully up to date, including vaccination for kennel cough.

Certificate of micro-chipping.

Copy of your pet insurance certificate if your pet is insured.

Enough food for your dogs complete stay, bagged if appropriate in meal sizes. Any treats you wish us to give your dog.

Dog bed or bedding.

Collar with identification and contact details.

Any medicines your dog requires with complete instructions on administration.

Full disclosure of any issues your dog has with any of the following : – aggression, anxiety, fear, phobias, unbalanced behaviour.

* Quoted price is for dogs up to the size of a large labrador – a day is classed as being from 08.00 overnight till 08.00 the following day. We may accept dogs at an earlier time by arrangement. Second dog from the same household charged at £5 discount, i.e. 1st dog £25.00 per night, 2nd dog £20.00 per night. Bigger dogs charged at £30.00 per day.  We allow a maximum over-run period of 2 hours until 10.00am for your dog to be collected. If your dog remains uncollected after 10.00am a further day will be charged for.

The above ‘deposit’ and ‘what we require from you’ sections form part of the terms and conditions of doing business with Top Dog House and should be read in conjunction with the Terms and Conditions page.

Please Note:

We do not accept dog under the age of 12 months for boarding or dogs which are not FULLY house trained

We do not accept bitches in season.