Terms and Conditions

 Terms and Conditions (inc. Disclaimer)

Please read the following terms and conditions which include our disclaimer for accepting your dog for walking, boarding or behavioural consultations with Top Dog House. You will need to register at the bottom of the page to say you accept the following.

The safety of dogs in our care is of paramount importance to us. Our business has never suffered any losses or serious injury due to neglect, irresponsible management or for any other reason.

Minor injuries can occur however for the most mundane of reasons, a misplaced paw whilst running over uneven ground, maybe running over discarded broken glass on a beach, etc.

There can be issues with unstable dogs off lead in public parks, woodlands and beaches which can lead to fight based injuries. Whilst infrequent there is always a small risk which clients should be made aware of. By making use of any of Top Dog House’s services you are deemed to have accepted such risks.

The advantage Top Dog House gives is that the walk is predominantly with a behaviourist who is eminently capable of dealing swiftly with any situations that may arise. Any injuries will be assessed, the owner contacted as soon as practicable and should it be necessary veterinary attention sought at our discretion, vet charges to be passed on directly to the owner. Again, safety of the dog is paramount and is uppermost in our hierarchy of our service.

Whilst our care is second to none, Top Dog House or any of its agents, carers or employees cannot be held responsible for any illness or injury to dogs, or for any loss either from illness or any other cause.

The client agrees that Top Dog House will not be held in any way responsible for the loss or damage to any artefacts left with the dog, including, but not limited to, toys, balls, bed, lead, crate/cage, etc.

The client accepts responsibility for any damage caused by their dog/dogs to any of our or others property whilst in the home or on a walk and agrees to pay for replacement or repairs to an as new condition.

The client accepts and agrees that their dog(s) may be boarded with dogs from other homes at any point during their stay with TopDogHouse.

The client grants Top Dog House or any of its agents, carers or employees irrevocable license to take and  post images or videos of their dog on this website or Top Dog House Facebook page and other social media pages managed by Top Dog House or any of its agents or employees.

Dogs will be exercised ‘off leash’ in a safe environment, should you wish your dog to be kept ‘on leash’ then you must inform us in writing by email before you contract us to walk your dog.

We do not accept bitches in season for walking or boarding. We also do not accept bitches  due in season during their stay with us.

Familiarisation policy:

For dogs who have not stayed at Top Dog House before we require that the dog be booked in for a single nights stay at least 14 days before the proposed boarding period is due to commence. This night will be charged at our standard rate and is to ascertain suitability and temperament of the dog(s) for boarding with us

In addition the ‘What we require from you’ section of the home boarding page also forms part of these terms and conditions and must be read in conjunction, you may do so by following this link and scrolling down the page.

Cancellation Charges

• Dog walking may be cancelled at any time giving a minimum of 48 hours notice, walks cancelled after this cut off must be paid for in full.

• Bookings for dog boarding may be cancelled up to 14 days prior to the first booked date with only loss of deposit. Bookings cancelled between 14 days and 7 days prior to the first booked date will incur a cancellation charge of 50% of  the outstanding balance and loss of deposit. Bookings cancelled within 7 days of the first booked date must be paid for in full. Any changes to the booking i.e days and times, which we cannot accommodate due to full capacity being reached before the requested change will result in the loss of your deposit should the booking be cancelled.

• Behavioural consultations may be cancelled at any time up to the day before the consultation with loss of deposit. Consultations cancelled on the day will be charged for in full.

In order to make use of any of our  Services the client must fill in the registration form below and by doing so agrees to and accepts in perpetuity the above terms, conditions and risks to be acceptable and discharges Top Dog House and any of its employees, agents or carers of any liability, financial or otherwise in respect of the above.