Why Top Dog House?

So Really – Why Top Dog House, Heswall over a kennel?

Firstly we are fully insured for boarding, walking and behavioural consultations. (does not cover vet fees)
Licensed by the Local Authority .

Dogs have been scientifically proven to reduce stress levels, make us happier, improve our mental and physical health and help us live longer.

And they do all this in return for being fed, watered, exercised and loved, what a great deal!

Sometimes however, through circumstances in our everyday lives, we let them down on our half of the bargain.

They fail to get the exercise they need or the companionship which is so important to them (they are a pack animal after all!). This can lead to both physical and emotional stresses for your dog, however they still go on giving us all the benefits they do without question for as long as they live.

Having looked at the available care offered by dog kennels in the area we became acutely aware of the need for a Premium Service which offers more than a cold, drab cage and 2 x 20 minute maximum walks with minimal human contact. Even ‘penthouse’ care in some of the establishments is little more than a bigger concrete cell and a bigger caged area, there is still minimal human contact and limited exercise.

Your dog is a pack animal and a very important member of your family and deserves the best care available. Top Dog House gives you that care!

Top Dog House provides Premium home based care in the centre of Heswall which can take care of those needs whilst you are unable to with several options to suit you and your circumstances.

As an added bonus John is a behaviourist with a fast growing local reputation and every dog receives the benefit and security of being with a human who understands what they as a dog, not a small hairy human, need.

Your dog will be walked individually and as part of a pack, just as nature intended, Twice a day! for a minimum of 60 minutes.

Check out our Facebook by clicking on the link below where you can see a selection of videos and pictures of our many clients dogs. In addition there are reviews by real people who have used us and come back again and again!


We can offer an almost 100% guarantee that your dog will be more calm and relaxed after spending time with us.
Check out the Home Boarding page by  clicking here!