Dog Behaviour or Training, It’s an Art. Are you ready for Growth?

FACT : Changing your dog will take work by you !

If you have a puppy (under 10 months old) Click on this link - Puppy Training Wirral

Only If you are committed to helping your dog should you read on......

Behavioural modification is about altering the fundamental state of mind of your dog in situations where your dog currently struggles. dog behaviourist wirral

Dog Training is about having your dog carry out a specific action in response to a given command.

Does each affect the other and are both critical elements in helping the issues you may have with your dog? Absolutely!

I believe that all behavioural modification and dog training begins with the relationship you have with your dog.

So, does your dog respect and trust you?

Should they not, you will be wasting your time, money and effort for limited or even temporary results. Moreover you could end up in a worse position than when you began.

Current Prices can be found at the bottom of this page

dogs - what are they?

Dogs are not 'furbabies', they are not small, hairy humans, they are predators and social opportunists.

I love dogs, my passion is dogs and because of that love and passion I respect them for what they are - A DOG.

So, you are committed to your dog, committed enough to want to fulfill your dogs needs as well as your own?

For that you already have my respect. Furthermore, I congratulate you on your integrity for asking for help to improve the relationship between you and your dog(s).

My aim is to help empower you, the pet dog owner, to change the fundamental state of mind of your dog. By doing so you will move towards achieving behavioural modification. We will accomplish this goal by building a respectful, trusting relationship between you and your dog. You will learn how to clearly communicate with your dog in a way your dog understands.

Change yourself to change your dog

A balanced dog, like a balanced human, is happy. The key is helping you and your dog to achieve that balance.

I only want to work with committed owners. There are no 'magic wands' to be waved or 'fairy dust' to be sprinkled to 'fix' your dog.

Sometimes behaviours can be changed very quickly, sometimes not so. Ultimately the key is you, the owner, taking on board the teaching and applying the knowledge. Secondly, every dog is different. There is no 'one size fits all' method that will work for every dog.

Unquestionably, it takes consistence, persistence and patience to achieve. Remember you will likely be learning as much as your dog is!

FACT: For things to change for the better for your dog, You MUST change the relationship you have with your dog, Permanently!- no if's, but's or maybe's.

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Structure - Rules, Boundaries, praise and consequence

All dogs require structure in their life. Your dog needs to understand what his / her position is in relation to you and your family.

That means you giving praise and affection (at the correct time and to the right state of mind) for wanted behaviour. It also involves you giving meaningful consequences / punishment, for inappropriate / unwanted behaviour.

Punishment has to be fair, immediately identifiable as to the reason and intolerable (Uncomfortable, not painful) to your dog. If you do not understand and follow this rule then you are likely being abusive to your dog and also confusing it.

Fair punishment is NOT abuse. You must understand if you are not saying 'No' to your dog's behaviour by default you are saying 'Yes'. You are in effect, allowing all that unwanted behaviour

Why not use Positive only, modern science based methods?

Not a single living species on this planet functions in positive only manner. Humans certainly do not and neither do dogs.

Imagine never saying 'no' to your children?

Every animal learns by consequences, both positive and negative. Removing a negative consequence for a dangerous or unwanted action effectively rewards that action and encourages more of the dangerous / unwanted behaviour.

The 'science based methods' referred to are almost always 'proven' in sterile, controlled environments. Experiments are carried out by scientists who have no real world experience of dogs or their nature. Often these experiments are funded by companies or charities who have a vested financial interest in a specific outcome. If you are interested follow this link to just one debunked major scientific study -

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One of the cruelest things you can do to your dog? Prolong an anxious, stressed, unstable state of mind for any longer than is absolutely necessary!


If YOU aren't prepared to change to improve your relationship with your dog, please don't waste my time or your money.

Important : Behavioural change can be caused by underlying health factors. Because of this I strongly recommend you have your dog checked over by your vet to eliminate any potential physical / neurological causes for the behaviour. Especially if the behaviour change has been unexpected and rapid.

What's next?

If you a ready and committed to changing for your dog, current prices are shown below:

First consultation/lesson - Duration 60 - 120mins Cost £100-£160 (£100 first 60 mins then £1 per minute thereafter e.g. If the session took 1 hr 30mins then the charge would be £130, 1 hr 10 mins would be £110, etc.)

The first consultation is ALWAYS at the clients house.

Second lesson - Duration 60 mins Cost £60 (+ £15 for every 15 mins thereafter)

Subsequent lessons (If needed) - £50 per hour plus £10 per 15 mins thereafter


Topics covered - Understanding what your dog is and what they are not. How your dog communicates. What your dog needs from you. How to build respect and trust with your dog. The concept of reward and fair punishment. Working with, and not against nature. The vital importance of your dogs state of mind. Seeing the world from your dog's point of view.

Basic Dog Training subjects - Engagement. Leashwork. The structured walk. Threshold work. 'Place', 'Down', 'Out', 'Leave it' commands. Recall.

I only cover the Wirral geographic area, I can recommend other trainers if you are out of my area.

To Book -  Call John 07778881157

Terms and Conditions - PLEASE READ

All first session bookings require a £50 deposit which is non-refundable except where cancellation is by TopDogHouse.

Any booking cancelled by the customer with less than 48 hours notice or characterised by a 'no-show' will charged at the full cost of a single hour based on whether it is a first, second or subsequent lesson.



Victoria Kingston
Victoria Kingston
John is so incredible at what he does! Within minutes of him arriving I was wishing I had got him out in my first week of being a dog owner. He breaks down what YOU need to do to get the appropriate behaviours. Within one session, my dog was no longer jumping all over guests & 5 minutes into our outdoor session I’m no longer being dragged around! He totally breaks down the ‘what’ & ‘why’. Alfie is still a work in progress (mainly due to pesky squirrels), but with John’s help I feel much more confident & have a much calmer & obedient dog! Can’t recommend him enough!
Caroline Williams
Caroline Williams
Having a puppy and wanting to do the right things i got in touch with John. What an amazing trainer ! My pup learnt fast, major immediate improvements , John was able to show me how to overcome each problem I had with her , from chasing my cats to refusing to go in the car ( far more things obviously ). He is there for any queries & has You Tube for helpful tips. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.
Suzanne Longstaff
Suzanne Longstaff
I can not recomend John enough, myself and my mum have french bulldog puppy brothers Dexter and Charlie who are now both 8 months old and to say they are exciteable when they see each other is an understatement, they would not listen to commands when together and would pull and drag on the lead to get to each other to play fight and would chase each other playing uncontrollably off the lead non stop were it was just manic and getting rougher play trying to dominate each other, we just couldnt sit and relax with them and going to each others houses or taking them out together was becoming stressfull. In comes John, our god send, our first visit he gave us so much advice and information and showed us the techniques to use which we then put into practice daily and by our second visit 4 weeks later we were actually sitting together having a natter and a cuppa with the boys calm by our sides on there leads and not obsessing over each other screaching and pulling as before. We have been given more advice and techniques for phase two to work on as we are aiming on them being able to be in each others company for longer periods of time off the leads having fun and playing but in a calm environment and not being fixated/obbsessed with each other and its going really well so far. Thank you John for the education, advice and techniques you have shown us, we can not thank you enough for putting me and my mum on the right track so that Dexter and Charlie can enjoy each others time together the correct way.
Naomi Keenan
Naomi Keenan
We can’t thank John enough for all of the help he’s given us with our Weimaraner, TJ. TJ is nearly 3 and it was very easy to be his owners until he was attacked a couple of times by dogs off leads just after he was 1. TJ’s behaviour completely changed after these experiences. He became aggressive towards other dogs (and their owners!). It was even a struggle having visitors to the house as he lost trust in everyone and everything outside of the family. He became such an anxious dog. Naturally, it caused a serious amount of stress for the whole family. Enter John…. Since John has begun working with TJ, there have been enormous improvements in behaviour, both ours and TJs!!! As a family, we’re very much on the same page now. We worked with two dog trainers before John and there is no comparison. His help is priceless. Others wouldn’t agree to work with TJ after his attacks as he was too aggressive. Before John began working with TJ, we were so overwhelmed with worry for our gorgeous dog and now we feel super confident that we’re well en route to taking him on walks where he’s socialising happily with every dog and human he meets… Thanks John!
Adam Kenrick
Adam Kenrick
John was a great help when we rescued our dog, Bonnie. She showed signs of fear aggression and wasn't great on leash so we contacted John. He assessed her and explained to us why she was behaving that way and gave us the training and tools that we needed to help. She has come a long way thanks to John and would highly recommend him.
Brian Gibson
Brian Gibson
We also can’t recommend John enough. We had a sleeping and barking problem with our Nine-month-old Cavapoo - who is really good natured but would always wake up at around 230 and bark and then wake up and bark incessantly from about 5am. John showed us how to take control and Finn has been absolutely awesome ever since - It took one or two nights to get him used to the new regime and he now sleeps / is very contented and quiet through until we go down to him at 7:30. Thank you John
Richard Woodhouse
Richard Woodhouse
I would definitely recommend using Top Dog. John is an excellent dog trainer with an in depth knowledge of dog behaviour. He worked wonders with our nervous cockapoo and gave us many simple hints and tips which really helped
Unknown T 1037
Unknown T 1037
I can thoroughly recommend John. After puppy classes and 'dog school' had only limited success, I realised that they can't look at each individual owner longer than momentarily and don't see behaviour at home. I needed advice for me, not another set of standard training exercises. Lots of people in the park recommended John and I now know why. I've got an obliging puppy who is happy to learn but is also not stupid and is quick to take advantage if she can. John came round and saw how she behaved to him, me and when she was being ignored. I'd rather suspected, as she seemed keen to learn and please, that the problem was the way I was communicating with her and, at least on that one thing, I was right! He also clarified that a dog needs to have respect and that my puppy saw me as a bit of a push-over in many ways, hence not listening to me much of the time. He gives calm, clear advice and listens to all questions (no matter how daft I thought they might be). That, together with demonstrations and checking on how I did the exercises meant that my (our) training has become much more effective. She started sitting patiently whilst I answered the front door after one day's practice using John's tips. Lead training and recall are hugely improved but I'd like better so its repetition, repetition, repetition... As a first-time dog owner, it is also very reassuring that someone who knows what they are talking about checks what you are doing and makes sure you're on the right track. John is pleasant, non-judgemental and supportive and therefore provides that reassurance. I think that later sessions I had with him were more for me than the puppy! I now have a dog who is much more attentive to me, doesn't pull my arms from their sockets on walks, will come back on recall (after a little bit of playing if there's another dog nearby, still a work in progress, but she doesn't run off to butterflies/leaves/dogs in the distance anymore) and also asks to come onto the sofa for a cuddle in the evening. Much more pleasant for both of us and what I had hoped for when I first decided to get a dog. Thank you John.
Denise Durband
Denise Durband
John had previously looked after our elderly dog so we knew he was good ..... but we can now say he is amazing after helping us with our new puppy. We asked for help with play biting, recall, lead walking and general behaviours. After just one visit we had a completely different puppy on our hands. Calm, relaxed and attentive and this has only improved with each visit. John really knows how dogs think and respond and the flaws in us humans too! We highly recommend him !