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FACT : Changing your dog will take work by you !

Only If you are committed to helping your dog should you read on……

Behavioural modification is about altering the fundamental state of mind of your dog in situations where your dog currently struggles.

Dog Training is about having your dog carry out a specific action in response to a given command.

Does each affect the other and are both critical elements in helping the issues you may have with your dog? Absolutely!

I believe that all behavioural modification and dog training begins with the relationship you have with your dog. So, does your dog respect and trust you? Should they not, you will be wasting your time, money and effort for limited or even temporary results. Moreover you could up in a worse position than when you began.

dogs – what are they?

Dogs are not ‘furbabies’, they are not small, hairy humans, they are predators and social opportunists.

I love dogs, my passion is dogs and because of that love and passion I respect them for what they are – A DOG.

So, you are committed to your dog, committed enough to want to fulfill your dogs needs as well as your own? For that you already have my respect. Furthermore, I congratulate you on your integrity for asking for help to improve the relationship between you and your dog(s).

My aim is to help empower you, the pet dog owner, to change the fundamental state of mind of your dog. By doing so you will move towards achieving behavioural modification. We will accomplish this goal by building a respectful, trusting relationship between you and your dog. You will learn how to clearly communicate with your dog in a way your dog understands.

Change yourself to change your dog

A balanced dog, like a balanced human, is happy. The key is helping you and your dog to achieve that balance.

I will only work with committed owners. There are no ‘magic wands’ to be waved or ‘fairy dust’ to be sprinkled to ‘fix’ your dog.

Sometimes behaviours can be changed very quickly, sometimes not so. Ultimately the key is you, the owner, taking on board the teaching and applying the knowledge. Secondly, every dog is different. There is no ‘one size fits all’ method that will work for every dog. Unquestionably, it takes consistence, persistence and patience to achieve. Remember you will likely be learning as much as your dog is!

FACT: For things to change for the better for your dog, YOU have to change the relationship you have with your dog, permanently!no if’s, but’s or maybe’s.

Structure – Rules, Boundaries, praise and consequence

All dogs require structure in their life. Your dog needs to understand what his / her position is in relation to you and your family. That means you giving praise and affection (at the correct time and to the right state of mind) for wanted behaviour. It also involves you giving meaningful consequences / punishment, for inappropriate / unwanted behaviour. Punishment has to be fair and immediately identifiable by your dog as to what they are being punished for. If you don’t follow this rule then you are more likely being abusive to your dog and adding confusion. Fair punishment is NOT abuse. If you don’t say ‘No’ to your dog’s behaviour by default you are saying ‘Yes’

why use tools?

All dog trainers use tools, all dog owners use tools, why? Because used correctly they work AND reduce the amount of time it takes to help both you, the owner and your dog. As a result this saves you money and also lessens the length of time the dog is in a stressed, anxious, unhappy state of mind.

I use whatever tools are going to be most beneficial to the individual dog I am working with. Including but not limited to the following. Praise, food/treats, flat buckle collar, martingale collar, standard leash, slip-leash, extendable leash, gentle leader, muzzle, harness, prong collar (Herm-Sprenger brand) and (rarely) e-collar (E-Collar Technologies or Dogtra brands).

Tools are just that, tools.

They are neither good nor bad….

To re-iterate, they are neither good nor bad, it is only the inability or lack of skill of the operator which dictates the effect on your dog and the results of training utilising them.

Which tool would I use with your dog? I would use the right tool in the circumstance for the individual dog. Of course being mindful of several factors including the age of the dog, its general temprement, any physical ailments or health issues, its psychological state, etc.

One of the cruelest things you can do to your dog? Prolong an anxious, stressed, unstable state of mind for any longer than is absolutely necessary!

For an explanation on a much misunderstood tool take a look at the linked blog post and video on prong collars

If YOU aren’t prepared to change to improve your relationship with your dog, please don’t waste my time or your money.

Important : Behavioural change can be caused by underlying health factors. Because of this I strongly recommend you have your dog checked over by your vet to eliminate any potential physical / neurological causes for the behaviour. Especially if the behaviour change has been unexpected and rapid.

What’s next?

If you a ready and committed to changing for your dog, current prices are shown below:

First consultation/lesson – Duration 60 – 120mins Cost £80-£140 (£80 first 60 mins then £1 per minute thereafter e.g. If the session took 1 hr 30mins then the charge would be £110, 1 hr 10 mins would be £90, etc.)

Topics covered – Understanding what your dog is and what they are not. How your dog communicates, What your dog needs from you. How to build respect and trust with your dog. The concept of reward and fair punishment. Working with, and not against nature. The vital importance of your dogs state of mind and the ‘follow through’.

Second and subsequent lessons – Duration 60 mins Cost £40

Basic Dog Training subjects – Engagement. Leashwork. The structured walk. Threshold work. ‘Place’, ‘Down’, ‘Out’, ‘Leave it’ commands. Recall.

Prices based on a radius of 10 miles from CH60 4RJ postcode, longer distances charged at £1 per mile.

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