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How it started

We began our business in 2005 as the result of a visit to the US. During the trip we happened upon one of the first episodes of 'The Dog Whisperer'. Unquestionably for John this was a pivotal moment. Being an avid dog fan and owner previously, it was like being struck by lightning. Subsequently there followed a very intense, prolonged period of study. Including everything that could be found about dog training and behaviour modification, learning has continued to this day...

Mission Statement

To help committed owners and their dogs build better relationships.  To learn something from every dog and owner I work with. To enable owners to understand what their dog is saying to them and for them to be able to communicate back clearly.

Dog Training Wirral


Over 17 years behavioural experience. Wholeheartedly committed to continuous professional development. Studied and continuing to study great trainers, their methods and understandings.

Loving them by leading them

John Harrison


Firstly, I am passionate about dogs. I am equally as passionate about people who are committed to changing themselves to help their dogs.

Secondly, I have no interest in working with people who aren't prepared to accept that dogs are dogs.

They are NOT small hairy humans or 'furbabies'. Being a dog they require structure, direction, reward and fair consequences.

Furthermore owners who think one can just reward good behaviour and ignore bad behaviour are living in a fantasy world and should look elsewhere for a trainer.

Dog Training Wirral


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