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Puppy training

Puppy training wirral


how to get it right during the most critical development stage of your dogs life.

The first day - why start now?

Why? Because whether you realise it or not you already have...


From the moment you bring your new puppy into your home it is learning.

The most important thing it is learning is whether you can be trusted and if you deserve respect.

puppy training wirral

Without educating yourself as to what your puppy needs from you it is very easy to fall into the subtle trap of having your puppy training you rather than the other way round. If you observe the majority of people with their unruly dogs it is during this crucial stage they made mistakes. You have the opportunity right now to make a difference to your future with your dog.


Something you probably understand

#1: Puppies can be too cute for their own good.


Your puppy is taken from its mother at around 8 weeks old.

The likelihood is all structure and discipline go with her.

You're not alone, we've all been there.

This beautiful bundle of fluff and cuteness lands and all we want to do is cuddle and love it!

This is the point where, without guidance  things can start to go wrong...


mother knows best


The mother dog teaches the puppy what is acceptable and what is not acceptable, she also advocates for the puppy.
When your puppy comes to live with you it is your responsibility to take over that authority role.

You are responsible for showing the puppy how to cope and thrive in this completely new alien world.

Top Dog House can help you take over this essential role in your new puppy's life and give you the head start you are looking for!

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#2: Authority prevents chaos.

Pampering, fussing, loving the puppy ON ITS OWN will create a spoilt, disrespectful, entitled dog.
Make no mistake, love and affection are all part of owning a puppy.

The critical part is knowing how much to give and when to give it.

You only have one chance to get this development stage right.

If you fail you will likely spend most of your dogs life avoiding or managing situations and making excuses for your dogs behaviour.

This will make life pretty stressful for both of you.
Sadly, the dog is usually the one who pays the price for human mistakes and misunderstandings.
Time and effort invested now into nurturing a respectful, trusting relationship will pay incredible dividends for you both.

puppy training wirral

...and most importantly

#3: If you are not prepared to work at your relationship with your puppy then please consider getting a cat...

I say that in all seriousness. Having 15 years+ experience I know it is owners who put in the work to create a loving, trusting, respectful relationship with their dogs who reap the most rewards.

If you wish to give your puppy the best life you posiibly can then you must be willing to fulfill your puppy's needs as well as your own.

If you are committed and want to work to create a great relationship, call me now on 07778881157.

respect - trust - love

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ppuppy training wirral


First consultation/lesson

Duration 60 - 120mins Cost £100-£160

(£100 first 60 mins then £1 per minute thereafter e.g. If the session took 1 hr 30mins then the charge would be £130,

1 hr 10 mins would be £110, etc.)

The first consultation is ALWAYS at the clients house.

Second lesson

 Duration 60 mins Cost £60 (+ £15 for every 15 mins thereafter)

Subsequent lessons (If needed)

£50 per hour plus £10 per 15 mins thereafter


Terms and Conditions - PLEASE READ

All first session bookings require a £50 deposit which is non-refundable except where cancellation is by TopDogHouse.

Any booking cancelled by the customer with less than 48 hours notice or characterised by a 'no-show' will charged at the full cost of a single hour based on whether it is a first, second or subsequent lesson.

puppy training wirral